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Get Trained For Website Development

Learn from scratch and start your own website development business


Understand the basics of Domain-Hosting and start earning.

Static Websites

Build website for self and publish your skills as a personal brand

Dynamic Websites

Learn about storing data and creating web applications


Know how a website can simply be built using Wordpress Framework

What the Training is about?


In this course, we will mostly talk about the front end web development skills and a few back end techniques.
We will be covering topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Wordpress
We will spend most of the time talking about JavaScript.


There are no special tools required in this course.
You can use your favorite notepad or code editor for the assignment in this course.
I am personally partial to Notepad++. You can develop your code locally and we will make it live on your subdomain.


Each Day you will have one or two assignments/activities that are related to the skills covered till that day.
You will learn mostly by writing the code on your own.
The more you practice, the better you will learn.


You will do an individual project which is building a simple website from Day 1 to Day 3
using the skills you learn in this course and you have a lot of freedom to determine the theme of the website.